Keyword Rank Tracking Basics

Keyword Rank Tracking is an important aspect of your AdWords campaigns. Without the assistance of keyword planner you can spend endless hours researching your AdWords campaigns and how to improve them. With the help of Keyword Rank Tracking you will be able to see what your competitors are doing and if they are optimizing their keywords and adverts correctly. If you spend too much time doing this you could miss out on some of the best opportunities to boost your Google AdWords earnings.
Keyword Rank Tracking is a tool which allows you to view your adverts in different ways. Not only will it allow you to see how many times your keyword has been searched, but you will also see how the search engines have ranked your advert. This is a vital part of your AdWords success and it is vital to understand your position in the SERPs.
The first step to tracking keyword rankings is to sign up with Google and access their keyword management tools. Once you have done this you need to go to the AdWords section of Google and set up your account. Here you will be able to track your adverts and the keywords that you are using in them. Some of the tracking keyword rankings tools include the Google AdWords Keyword Research Tool, the AdWords Keyword Rank Tracker and the Google AdWords Results Comparison tool. These are just a few of the tools available and there are a number of others available as well.
The next step to keyword rank tracking is to write articles and blog posts and then send them to Google. You need to submit your article or blog post to the relevant category in order for them to be picked up by the search engines. When your article is approved you will see an approved submission link. This service will enable you to track the link which will give you the opportunity to make adjustments. If necessary you can re-write your article and send it out again.
The last step to keyword rank tracking is to view the search results. When the search results are displayed all the sites that are included in the search results will be displayed. A pop up window will appear allowing you to click on each site and view the website. Each website will then display its owner's profile including links to any associated RSS feeds that you may have chosen. You can also view the Google sitemap which contains detailed information about every single page of the Google website.
Keyword rank tracking provides valuable insight into how your competitors are achieving success with their campaigns. It gives you invaluable information which you can use to improve your own campaigns. Keyword competitors can often provide invaluable insider tips that you can incorporate into your own campaigns. In many ways you are observing the traffic habits of your competitors and through this you will be able to understand what they do and why they do what they do. An alternative post for more info on the topic here:
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